Sunday, November 6, 2011


i wanna change , i wanna have a CHANGE.
change in everything, inner and outer life.

i am still changing the way i think to find the change i wanna move to.

Hassan Em

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fix Your iPhone’s GPS on Jailbroken iOS 5 Using Redsn0w 0.9.9b7

Fix Your iPhone's GPS on Jailbroken iOS 5 Using Redsn0w 0.9.9b7

The latest redsn0w 0.9.9b7 may be able to fix the GPS problem on your iPhone. Try this tutorial below.

  • Your iPhone is running on iOS 5 and already jailbroken
  • You know how to use redsn0w
  • You know how to remove or install ultrasn0w
  • You know how to install SAM
Before we begin, please make sure that you have removed ultrasn0w and your SIM card. Download redsn0w 0.9.9b7 for Windows or Mac.
1. Put your iPhone into DFU mode.
2. Run redsn0w > Extras > Select IPSW > go Back, and uncheck ALL options except 'Deactivate' (Remember MuscleNerd said that the fix will only be installed if phone is 'hacktivated') Click Next.
3. Redsn0w will do its thing and your iPhone will boot up and showing 'Waiting for Activation.' Put your iPhone into DFU again.
4. Run redsn0w once more and repeat step 2 and make sure ALL options are unchecked.
5. Redsn0w will do its thing again and your iPhone will reboot and showing 'No Service.'
6. Install ultrasn0w and reboot your iPhone. Insert SIM card and test your WiFi and GPS if there's any drop out.
7. Finally, install and run SAM to fix push notifications.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to Fix iOS 5 iMessage on Hacktivated/Jailbroken iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 Using SAM

How to Fix iOS 5 iMessage on Hacktivated/Jailbroken iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 Using SAM

Can't get iMessage to work on your hacktivated iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4? The following instructions should help fix the issue.
1. Launch Cydia and add to your source:
2. Once added, go ahead and install SAM (Subscribers Artifical Module) and SAMpref.
3. Launch SAMpref and Click "Revert Lockdownd to Stock" in Settings > SAM (this deactivates your hacktivation).
4. Go to Settings > SAM and tap on "De-Activate iPhone"
5. Connect your iPhone to iTunes to activate it.
6. If you already have iPusher app installed, remove it now.
7. Navigate to Settings > SAM > Utilities > tap on Backup Activation and then followed by on Restore Activation.
8. Reboot your iPhone and then sync it with iTunes.
9. Install free iPusher App from here.
10. Reboot your iPhone and then sync it with iTunes. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a Wifi that has an active internet connection.
11. Open iPusher app and tap on Test Push Notifications button. If you see a pop-up saying Yay, push notifications work fine! then it means your Push Notifications are working fine
12. Turn off iMessage.
13. Reboot iPhone.
14. Turn on iMessage.
Common Issues (Compiling)
1. Can't get passed iTunes activation – Check if "Hacktivation" in SAM is on, then take a look at the text underneath it on what you have to do; then turn "Hacktivation" off and connect to iTunes again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iMessage not delivered

I just can not send an iMessage through my iPhone 3GS – baseband 06.15.00 – iOS 5, it gives me an error message "not delivered" while I can do it easily using my iPad 1 – and using the same Apple ID
I don’t know but I have sent before using the iphone but I am not able and sometimes I could send myself but not the others.

I really need a good fix. But not restoring my iPhone cause it really sucks.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wonderful tonight

You were wonderful tonight like no on else, just because I see you with my own eyes, I see you with my heart my mind my soul.

I know you can be what you wanna be. But you have to decide it before time is gone.
I gave you heart n soul , you gave me your whole life.

I leave a world behind, just to get a life after. I am crawling after a promise, promise to rule the world.

But how can I change things unchangeable , just wanna thank my god, wanna thank the people god put for me.
And don't wanna be a celebrity of your bla bla. Save your tongues idiots. I don't care any more.

I saw you and you were wonderful tonight.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life after death

It is like living after death, I am feeling high away from earth, boring for real , and everything seems to be fake, I really started to go insane.

Waiting has become such a bad habit.

People lives with no ears, and not even an eye.
They hardly see you or hear you .

That's really disgusting. Life has become less colors , maybe colorless. Most of things seems to be dark , maybe blue.

Everyone is living with one hand, he can not afford a helping hand. We became single creatures. No such families. Sisters and brothers is such a nonsense. Oh fuck, I am calling, but what the hell ! No replies, they are talking a different languages.

Like going out from a time capsule, people are differnt from how they should be. People acting the wrong way, not like as they could be.

Like sinking in an endless ocean,, somewhere where you can not survive.

Like a song with no lyrics, a symphony with no music. It is a big noise, something you can not stop from playing and you can not quit hearing.

Like a long road with no signs. Everybody is walking and riding but no place to go.

It is like sleeping forever. It is like eating whenever, it is like a nightmare while you never sleep, it is like a summer cold, a winter boredom. It is like a rose that's never grown. Like a mum has lost her child. Like a son with no dad, it is like a rain of tears.

It is really hurt, but with no bleeding. It is stupidness. It is the wreckage.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ramadan Karim

Happy Ramadan to my small family and friends I love the most,
"I have painted this using "Penultimate" for iPad just to mention you friends, I love you.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Just can’t believe she did, yes she did what I didn’t.
Such a beautiful daze , moved in a place , took me outta space.
Moments of joy , in a short time, seconds went away , but the feeling never goes.
I know it was hard, but at least it’s done, I didn’t say a thing, I didn’t want to rush the moment or waste it in a foolish words.
I was just thinking , I was just staring, I was just like this.
What kinda a feeling it was. Years had gone away since I felt like this and now I feel it again. It is really aching but sweet aching.
I am in-between and can’t even reveal it anymore.
Minutes I spent , moments had gone. I wanted it to last forever but forever was too soon.
I don’t know what tomorrow could brings, but I just can not wait.
Call me liar , call me evil, but don’t call me stupid. I really enjoyed.
Please god let it be what it should be.
10:40 pm 18th June 2011

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Fuck free world

In a free world, we are living, in a free world we are.
Look to the sky, they are up high, you could reach with your eyes. But do we lie

I die , whenever you cry, cause you're my, my oh my.
I live it everyday, and the days go by.
You don't know how much i wonder why.

Did you lie? Yes you lie.
And never stop that, I wish you do
I wish you can do whatever. But you can't change it anyway,
Tell me please you want it , but how much you want it. You do want it hard, but you never do what's right.
How do you ask for a light, the light ain't coming fast.
In the past, you told me once or twice that you are going to keep it forever.

I want it really to last. But this is the last , the end of that.

My mum hates that, and sisters are the same like that.
I wish they understand that, but guess what, they are also like everyone I had.
Oh god I hate that, but I pray to get it done, and i know I am gonna get through it somehow, someday, there is no miracles, I wanna start that, but I don't wanna have regrets.
Please god let it in or let it out, but don't stop it like that.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

ايتها السعادة

سحقا ايتها السعادة ، فلقد غدوتي ترحلين
اين انت الان؟ هل وجدتي شاطئا اخر فيه ترسين

تبا يد التعاسة. اصبحتى تلازمينني في كل حين
كم سئمت العيش في تلك الحياة كالسقيم

لم اعد. لم اعد اريد ان يمر زماني
ولم اعد اريد ان اعيد ما فاتني

امضي يومي في صمت شديد
وقد انهيه راحلا الي بر بعيد

انظر الى الناس بعينانٍ دامعتان
ويطوف بي عقلي متفكرا يبحث عن شيء جديد
شيء ما. عله موجود
ولا اظن انه موجود

بحثت دوما ودوما بحثت
لم يعد امامي الا خطاي
لا اهتم بما سوف اتركه خلفي
واصبح راسي براس عنيد
يا ويلاه ياقلبي. كم انت مريض
يمر بك اليوم. واذا بالغد يعيد

اصبح الحزن يجري. داخل الوريد
كلما اقتربت مما اريد
يزداد بعده عني ويزيد

لا اسمع اصوات ما حولي
حتى وان كان صراخا شديد

يظنون اني سعيد
وان حظي فريد
لا يعلمون انى وحيد

امشي وامشي. اعد الخطى
واحلم بذلك اليوم الجديد من الله المجيد

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Gave her rose

I gave her rose, that was because, she was, such a beautiful princess. Young and blessed. I could hardly confess why would I insist, to do such a mess.
started by following her steps, thinking what would I miss, well, I just can not guess.
She is fine, truly fine, I dreamt her smile would be mine. I wish I could rewind, to let her out of my mind .
But I guess it's time, yeh it is time. I started to walk through, I wished she could knew, that my feeling is true. I was feeling all blue, since she flew and go.
I stopped her by chance, asked her once, threw words in a glance. I gave her promise, but bad hard promise, I promised to leave, and let go, and the price to pay was giving her rose. She was surprised , by the look in her eyes, I was afraid she cries.
Yes it happened , she took the rose and this is how it goes, but for me it was hard, to stand by a promise. I started to turn my back and leave, leave it all behind. That was because of a ROSE

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Flight in a paper

Maybe I am near. But it seems like fear, oh dear. You are not that clear. You are saying you are forever. But I say never, you also say "never say never, whenever"
I break no promises but break rules, cause rules are for breaking. Rules are for fools , I just feel like going far but as soon as I am going. I wish you are there with me, for me, will you do it for me.
I am playing music but a quiet silent music, you could never hear. But you will always feel. For real .
Feeling is too hard to resist , you can not get it right, but you wanna tell it right. No need to fight, cause soon you will be in a flight with a paper airplane.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paper Airplane

Oh How Much I Loved The Song, It Kills Me Every Time I Hear Songs From You, Alison Krauss & Union Station


انسان بارد جبان. ضعيف ملكش أمان
ازاي تنسى اللى كان. ده عمر طويل زمان
كلامك مستخف وشكلك مستخف
صوتك ملوش ودان
مكونتش عايز أشوفك ولا حتي اسمع صوتك
يابرودك يافضولك. انك ورايا تلف

بيقولوا عليك غلبان. لكن أصلك حيوان. عمره ماعاش ولا كان
وعقلك اصله هف

بوظت عليا يومي. يارب يبتليك مصيبة كبيرة

لو كان الدم دمي. كنت عرفت أني
أطهر من ابوك

لكن الاصل غلاب. واصلك من الكلاب
متزعلوش ياكلاب. مش قصدي الإهانة

يمكن أنا غلط. وحبيبك يبلعلك الزلط
لكن كلكم أوساخ.

ابلعلكم إيه ولا إيه. حياتي راحت عليكم وعليه

كفايه عليكو كده. ضاع فيكو الكلام المحترم.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


توقف الفتي وانحني
ماكان للفتي سوي ان يفعل
واحدا وحده لاحول له
والقوة لله وحده
دفعت به الرياح وزلزلت
وكان الهواء به يعصف
ركب البحار وشد ازره
لم تصمد له من قبل مركب
صال بجواده ساحات وساحات
والرمح لم يزل علي ظهره
قد يشعر الجوع ولكنه
يتلذذ بطعم الهوي يتلذذ
لم يرد يوما ان يذهب
لكن شيئا كان وراءه
قد تغدو اليه الدنيا وقد تذهب
لكن عزة نفسه لاتذهب
يبدو حزينا يتبسم
لكن بسمته هي جرحه
صابت سهامه أبدانا
وقد كان جسده يتألم
كانه بسهم الحزن قد أصيب
والدم مازال يتصبب
لايتكلم فليس للكلام عقل يفهم
من يسمع هذا الكلام ويقبله
لم يجد للحروف نسق يكون
كلاما لما فيه يجرد
تبا قد قالو عن الفتي مايتردد
وهل تشعرون به او تالفوا
يوم طويل قد مر به
فامسه كيومه وغدا يكون
حل عليه الليل فاشرقت
في عينتيه دموع دهر باعوامه
لايجدن سوي الشكر لكل من ساهم
في دمعة علي خد تذوب بقسوة
جسد يرتعد وقلب قد زاد خفقا
لم يترك الهم جزءا الا وقد اعياه
الهي ارجوك راكعا ان ترحم هذا الفتي
وان تترك النعيم سبيلا في دنياه
فانا وذاك الصبي مازلنا نقتسم
زادا وجسدا وقلبا ياالله

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


حواليا طوق
لازم افوق
ماليني شوق
واخدني فوق

رماني ضوء
باصرخ ف بوق
ياريتني اروق
او راحتي ادوق

مفيش فروق
يارتني سد ضد الحروق
او حتي سوق
اوكنت لبعيد أسوق

لازم أفكه
او حتي اسكه
مش لاقي حروف تشكه
يالي هذا الطوق اللعين

Sunday, February 6, 2011


أحاول ان أراك شيئا اخر لااستطيع فتظل صورة ف خيالي كما رسمتيها صورة مليئة بالإحباط تملؤها التعاسة واللامبالاة قد تستوي الساعات في ليلها ولكن الصبح بضوئه مستنير

أنام ليلي وحيدا وارجوه يوما جديدا الهي انت اعلم العالمين بحالي وانت رب الهدي والرضا

في الكون انتي وحدك تشعرين بكل ما تشعرين تملائين قلبي وتملائين قد تذهبين وتهجرين

من دونك أنا لااكون من دونك تاسرني الظنون مازلت ابحث عن عيون تاخذني من تلك السجون

مازلت أحاول قد كنت أحاول لايعني فشلي التهاون فقد كنت بالفعل أحاول

Friday, February 4, 2011

انصاف الثورات

كنت اخاف دوما
اصبحت الان بشجاعة قوم
اصبحت انتظر يوما
نعيش فيه سلما
بعيدا عن اي ظلما
نبنيه كما بنينا هرما

من يصنعون انصاف الثورات
لايصنعون شيئا سوى حفر قبورهم
فكم من شعوب ذاقت جمرات
دامت عليهم وحرقت بطونهم

اليوم يوم جديد
ليس كأي يوم
قد يصبح فيه عيد
قد نعرف فيه النوم

قد كنت بالماضى سقيم
لااعرف معنى الحياة
اليوم صرت اقيم
حدالله حتى النجاة

اراك غدا سعيد القلب
فاليوم مات لنا الكثير
قد ماتو على الدرب
كى نحظى نحن بعيش كبير

لنا الله

Thursday, February 3, 2011

العالم قام

والثورة خلاص قدام
الشعب مبقاش ينام
والظلم فوق اي كلام

الظلم حرام
قتل الأرحام
كبت الاعلام

نرفع اعلام
ونطيّر ف حمَام
ونعيش ف سلام

يا ذا الإكرام
حقق أحلام
انزل بسهام
علي ظلم دام
تلاتين م الأعوام


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


جواه بركان
طال عليه الزمان
لكن ان الأوان
ينسي اللي كان
ويفتح كل البيبان
همج ف كل مكان
وكله ماسك عصيان
عشان يوقفوا العصيان
لكن صعب النسيان
الكل انضرب واتهان
واتعامل كالحيوان
يارب يامستعان
داحنا شعب جعان
وناقصنا الحنان
مش كفاية ألحان
وعزف كمان
وصريخ نسوان

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

just can not take the hard decision

actualluy, the title itself would tell the whole thing, i really can not take the hard decision. should i leave, should i stay, why should i care about other's side, i should only do for my side, i am the only one that matters to me, this would be my life my future, that thing i would live for and with all my next years, why should i waste it all or throw it aside.
it is just me inside hesitating. i need a helping hand , i need someone that really cares for me and only me, someone who could feel me and easily see how my life is going for. i need someone who can support me and give me the couage to take such a decision. cowardsd they are , ain't they?
let us say it is not the other person himself, it is inside of me that i don't feel comfort with, so why should i try while i won't feel though, they say i should try and give other chances, but i can see clearly with my won eyes that he won'y success at all, cause he is not trying well or even he does't have the right concepts of trying, he is a weak person and helpless one, what he can do for me, while i could't do myself. i was barely wrong to put myself in such a situation.

everyone is thinking his own side, that is why we do lose everything in a selfish way, i am waiting for the other person to do what i am waiting for and he is waiting the same way, so no one will do so, we will waste our lives waiting forever.

acting like a silly disgusting person, that is really bad and makes you wanna turn your back and leave, while others can prove more and show you the way.

how can i make things right after i have done it wrongly.. should i make a reversal, what i would be losing! i guess i would be losing a lot, but that would be a matter of money only .
but on the other side i would be winning my dignity back, and i would give a breathe to my life again, should i wait just more time waiting or trying or should i take the step further now or never, actually and after all, i can say i just dont give a damn about anything or anyone but me, such as anyone feels the same,
and i can say it again and again and again, i have lost my life just because of them while they are now sitting on sofas and smiling like bitches.

i am writing here cause i am helpless and i dont know what to do and whom i should ask and what would be the right decision even it is me the only one can realize this.
but i wish that my god open the doors and would give me the ability to see what would be good for me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

من وصايا لقمان

قال تعالى : ولقد آتيــنــا لقمان الحكمـــة .
وقال تعالى : ومن يؤت الحكمة فقد أوتي خيراً كثيراً .
يا بني : ما ندمت على السكوت قط .
يا بني : اعتــزل الشر يعتزلك ، فإن الشر للشــر خلق .
يا بني : عود لسانك : اللهم اغفر لي ، فإن لله ساعات لا يـــرد فيها سائـــلاً .
يا بني : اتخذ طاعة الله تجارة تأتيك الأربــاح من غير تجـــارة .
يا بني : لا تكثر النوم والأكل ، فإن من أكثر منهما جاء يوم القيامة مفلسا من الأعمال الصالحة .
يا بني : بئراً شربت منـــه ، لا تــــرمي فيه حجــــــراً .
يا بني : عصفور في قدرك خير من ثــــور في قدْر غيرك .
يا بني : شئيان إذا حفظتهما لا تبالي بما صنعت بعدهما دينك لمعادك ، ودرهمك لمعاشك .
يا بني : إنه لا أطيب من القلب واللسان إذا صلحــا ، ولا أخبث منهما إذا فسدا .
يا بني : لا تركن إلى الدنيا ولا تشغل قلبك بها فإنك لم تخلق لها .
يا بني : لا تضحك من غير عجب ، ولا تسأل عما لا يعنيــك .
يا بني : إنه من يرحم يُرحم ، ومن يصمت يسلم ، ومن يقل الخير يغنم ، ومن لا يملك لسانه يندم .
يا بني : زاحم العلماء بركبتيك ، وأنصت لهم بأذنيك ، فإن القلب يحيا بنور العلماء .
يا بني : مررت على كثير من الأنبياء فاستفدت منهم عدة أشيــــــاء :
إذا كنت في صلاة فاحفــــظ قلبك .
وإذا كنت في مجلس الناس فاحفظ لسانك .
وإذا كنت في بيوت الناس فاحفظ بصرك .
وإذا كنت على الطعــام فاحفظ معدتك .
واثــنــتـــان لا تذكرهمـــا أبدأ :
إســـــــــــــاءة الناس إليك --- وإحسانك للناس .
والله اعلـــــم

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No one

No one

I don't know why I feel so wrongly. I still walk at the streets alone searching for the thing is missing. I guess it isn't exist at all. Still feel empty still feel that cold inside. Why would everything seem so blue. I know it's only me and it's inside of me. Why is it hard to people to get me out of this. While it's not that hard. But guess what. Where are the people they should be around. They say I choose mine but is it a sin to choose and wish more. I am choosing wrongly and everybody knows but they are speechless. I'm losing life and breathing while everyone is watching. Who cares. Everybody dares. I left thirty years behind of nothing. Everything has gone and everything has ruined and everything I had lost. Does it sound sad? Don't think so. Who cares. I'm going down just like I don't care and I'm weeping inside. My pillow never gets dry. I see people everywhere. They have things to stand for. What am I standing for then. I put my hands on my faults and put eyes on what I want. But I'm helpless hopeless. Not for the power but for the people. I'm just living as it goes. Who cares while my people don't. Will they? Guess no. I wanna do what's wrong. Cause being right wasn't right. Being true wasn't fine. Being straight wasn't great. I know I'm wrong to go wrong. And I can't even stand for. But who cares? No one. Don't even wait for an answer. Believe it or not. I get my tears on cheeks sometimes when I'm walking back home on the streets putting iPod on listening to Westlife song. It touches and I feel it and aches. But who cares. No one. Did I said I don't need an answer. Cause it's already in the question. I complain whenever I meet someone new. Why do I? I lost the ears that listen to me. But he doesn't even care. I wanna cry in someone's arms. But there is no one. Lost my dad. And my mum is there feels me sometimes. But she's helpless. She is thinking in other side. Do I look pity. No I don't. I saw someone in the morning. And fuck it. I always wish to see while I don't wanna see. I wanna hear the sound that charming and takes me away. Is it hard while they made it easy. Why do we make things harder. Should we go for the wrong way. But who cares. Guess what. NO ONE.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I don't know

I don't know why life is so cruel. Why when we love something so much. It becomes incomplete. Sometimes we love something but feel we can't accept it as it is. We wish it could be changed

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I never thought we could be like this and I thought we could just pass this fucking life very easily and very rapidly. I never thought I could get myself and my people in such troubles
I know it's just a fate. Just a destiny to pass. Yeh. I know we could work things now very easy and as fast as I could. Time goes by very fast and no one could imagine what would be in one second.

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Another year has gone by Papa I miss you so much I still see your face sometimes, you are still here. I can hear your voice as we talked, maybe we weren't perfect as father and son should be, everytime I feel you, I wanna write something about you, I run to my words but I can't find ideas of what I should do, all I know that I love you even we were facing a hard time. But it couldn't change how I feel for a dad. He was everything that matters to me. I miss that face even I used to not see for a long time before he's gone. But at least I used to know that's he's there and I can see whenever I'm in need. I was feeling the support. I wanted to make a change for my life just to make him happy, he wanted that too. Should I cry in such a moment? Should my tears fall down? But how the hell I could help it, when it's something belongs to my heart, my soul, my life, my future, my past, memories and everything that's worth in life. I'm sorry I didn't say I love you thousands of times and I was stupid to do so. But what is the point now? He is GONE. Forever, I can't even hold that warm hand, I'm sure no one could feel this. You never know how awful losing means, when it belongs to someone like a dad, maybe be gave me nothing, but he gave me the feelings that's making me cry to remember just his name. Everyone loves his dad. But for me I can say it clearly and proud I LOVE YOU DAD. I love you, I love you and I won't stop saying even it aches and making me cry more and more, even when my tears can't stop it, I love you, I wish you were here to see me crying for you, to see my pillow that's wet of my tears, to touch the heart that's aching, I love you and this time my words are real, I'm saying them for nothing but feelings. Now I'm sure they are real, I love you, I'd rather sleep beside you forever. Life has no meaning without people we need. I love you and if it gets you back I would say it till I lose my voice or die trying, I love you and I wish you could hear it, you would feel better, because I really LOVE YOU.

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Sometimes you feel you're bigger than anyone who thinks he is. It is kinda world full of kids and crazy idiot minds whom walking around doing shits. If we made up our minds and thought about them. They are truly nothing count. I used to know that nothing really matters and days are going even if we stopped a lot thinking. The day goes and tomorrow comes. Z

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