Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fuck free world

In a free world, we are living, in a free world we are.
Look to the sky, they are up high, you could reach with your eyes. But do we lie

I die , whenever you cry, cause you're my, my oh my.
I live it everyday, and the days go by.
You don't know how much i wonder why.

Did you lie? Yes you lie.
And never stop that, I wish you do
I wish you can do whatever. But you can't change it anyway,
Tell me please you want it , but how much you want it. You do want it hard, but you never do what's right.
How do you ask for a light, the light ain't coming fast.
In the past, you told me once or twice that you are going to keep it forever.

I want it really to last. But this is the last , the end of that.

My mum hates that, and sisters are the same like that.
I wish they understand that, but guess what, they are also like everyone I had.
Oh god I hate that, but I pray to get it done, and i know I am gonna get through it somehow, someday, there is no miracles, I wanna start that, but I don't wanna have regrets.
Please god let it in or let it out, but don't stop it like that.

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