Tuesday, December 28, 2010

second video.




oh, how it hurts to do remember.


I still think and wonder Crying face

How could you change your number

And bought yourself a blackberry

While it’s not that necessary

You didn’t even care

How could you dare

You’re moving to another town

And make me feel like a clown

I know I was always wrong

And you made my life like a love song

But I didn’t have a way out

When all you did was a spoken loud

You were the friend and the sister

My family and the love

Why you would even cut it all.

Took the friend and killed the sister

Left the family and murdered my love

How could you take it all

How can I say something is the best

When I had the top

How life couldn’t be to waste

When you just stop


It is raining

Can you feel it

Don’t think so

Cause it is only raining on me

When you had to go

You would say I did go

But you push it all away

Cause you had to know

That there are things to stay

You play in your way, while I was screaming hey, please don’t go

The black hole is opened

Welcome to the black hole

I tried to save you from falling

But how could I do when I am already falling

One knife can do it all

When you put it right to my soul

Was it your goal

To set me back to my hole

Or leave me crying by the wall

Is it all

Or will you do something that cool

I guess I was a fool

I should’ve understand that you won’t be mine

I should’ve know you’re walking out of the line

No I will never forget

No I will never live like I would

Cause there is something has gone

And something has not done

I travel daily to the place where you are

I walk maybe because I wanna feel what you are

I need to stop talking and save some to my heart

Maybe tomorrow I would stay alive and write something NEW.

Monday, December 6, 2010

do you know how much i LOVED her?


by Hassan Em on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 6:30pm

i loved her
so i wrote about her how much i loved her
she deceived me
but my feeling remained the same when i loved her
i left her
she followed me
i rejected her
she yelled at me
i still feel that feeling
when i loved her
i dont want her
she is not mine
she is not as i wished her to be
i saw her
like i saw her
i slept, woke up
found her
but not the same as i saw her
she differed
i wished she disappeared
she changed
i wished she would swapped
i dont love her
no i dont
i love her
i love her
but she is not her
so where is the one i love
i hated her
but not the one i love
i cry, she cries
i tear, she tears
maybe she cries, i cry
she would tear, i would not hear
i hated my body she because of her
i left my head at hers
i put my eyes at her way
she is not the one
i loved
i married her
i became a father for her children
all of that were only for her
all of that were just for her eyes
i took back what i saw
i saw what i took back
i realized that day
she is
and her life
and everything i dreamt for her
are missing confedence
are missing truth and knowledge
i wanna left her in her own business
so she gets what she gave
i am not good for her
and she was not in her crwon
my princess will always be my princess
the one i always...

هل تعرفون كم "احببتها؟


by Hassan Em on Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 1:09pm

فكتبت عنها كم احببتها
فظللت كما شعرت
عندما احببتها
مازلت اشعر ذاك الشعور
عندما احببتها
فهى ليست لى
ولسيت كما تمنيتها
مثلما رايتها
نمت فاستيقظت
لكن ليس كما رايتها
فتمنيت لو اختـ فت
فتمنيت لو تبدلت
لكن هي ليست هى
فاين التى احبها
لكن ليس التى احبها
ابكى وتبكي
ادمع وتدمع
قد تبكى فابكى
وقد تدمع ولااسمع
كرهت جسدى من اجلها
وتركت راسي عندها
رفعت عيني ف اتجاهها
ليست هى التى
اصبحت ابا لاولادها
كل هذا كان لها
كل هذا رايته فى عينها
سحبت مارايت
ورايت ماسحبت
ادركت يومها
وكل ماحلمت من اجلها
ينقصه الثقة
ينقصه الصدق والمعرفة
اريد ان اتركها بحالها
لكى تلقى حسن جزائها
لست انا حسنا لها
ولا كانت هى بتاجها
اميرتى ستظل اميرتى
التى دوما

الجزء الثانى
اقرأ مذكرتى مثلها
فلست انا الذى كتبتها
وانما قلبى الذى يحبها
فهو مازال يشعر بها
مازال يصرخ من اجلها
ياليتنى ماعرفتها
ماكان حالى بعدها
ولا كنت مشيت فى دربها
يسالوننى هل احببتها
اقول نعم احببتها
احببت شخصا مثلها
احببت بنتا فى سنها
احببت اسما كاسمها
احببت كل من فى سنها
احببت العيش فى ظلها
ولكن اين ظلها
قد غابت عنى شمسها
رحلت وتركت ظلامها
قد اذكر يوم رايتها
واخذت باقة ورد لها
تمنيت لو كنت مثلها
انتظرت حتى جاء وقتها
مرت كالنسيم على شعرها
ذهبت وذهب قلبي قبلها
سالت الناس عنها
كذبت عليَ كما يحلو لها
لااظن انى كرهتها
بل وقف قلبي عن حبها
ياربي هلا هديتها
وابعث علي نسيانها
واصلح لى حالى من بعدها
فهى التى .... احببتها

People Are Sleeping

by Hassan Em on Friday, April 2, 2010 at 2:36am

I Love You
While People Are Sleeping
I Love You
And Maybe I Don't Sleep
I Don't Love You
Except when people get sleep
people wake up
i go then to sleep
i look around myself
before i say i love you
i don't scream or make a sound
because people are sleeping
i don't love you
except in the darkness
After they have turned off
all the dreams
maybe i would say i love you
after i ask
are people sleeping
i love you
without any peace
i don't love you
in such illusion
i love you
and years go by
and people
are still sleeping
not like any other day
i don't love you

الناس نيام


by Hassan Em on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 12:22am

والناس نيام
وقد لا انام
لا احبك
الا والناس نيام
يصحو الناس
انظر حولي
قبل ان احبك
لا اصرخ
فالناس نيام
لا احبك
الا ف الظلام
بعد ان تنطفئ
كل الاحلام
قد اقول بحبك
بعد ان اسال
"هل الناس نيام؟
من دون سلام
لا احبك
فى ظل الاوهام
وتمر الاعوام
مازالوا نيام
ليس بمثل الايام
لا احبك
فانا والناس نيام

    • i cried one tear for every single letter i wrote, cause i wrote it from my heart , no one will feel the same, cause they dont know what it's all about, i hope everyone are not sleeping anymore and we could share the love of the world never neglecting or forgetting .

The juice is worth the squeeze

It is not my my first note cause deep I got loads,
I lost my notes inside that face, if you added book then you could replace.
My old facebook got my notes blocked, and I have knocked
I don’t have a backup or even a RECORD, and I don’t want my past or even a present
I need one day that called tomorrow with shining bright and no more sorrow.

Such a dreamer I was on a Saturday she goes, she was so fly. I was so helpless, yes I

I guess I was very late, I had another plan if she were mine,
I could change a mind, but she had to change hers.
I took a step don’t want to lose very easy.
Finally I left as I began, she left me with a big stand. I saw her reflection: I know now who am I
My head was high up to the sky. Cause if there was a loser, she would be not i
Then and after we would meet....
I left a girl. They call her “hot”
When they said that, I’d rather not.
I don’t want that hot, no am not
I want someone that not exist .
Unless you say yes n be my list.

Hassan Em