Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I still think and wonder Crying face

How could you change your number

And bought yourself a blackberry

While it’s not that necessary

You didn’t even care

How could you dare

You’re moving to another town

And make me feel like a clown

I know I was always wrong

And you made my life like a love song

But I didn’t have a way out

When all you did was a spoken loud

You were the friend and the sister

My family and the love

Why you would even cut it all.

Took the friend and killed the sister

Left the family and murdered my love

How could you take it all

How can I say something is the best

When I had the top

How life couldn’t be to waste

When you just stop


It is raining

Can you feel it

Don’t think so

Cause it is only raining on me

When you had to go

You would say I did go

But you push it all away

Cause you had to know

That there are things to stay

You play in your way, while I was screaming hey, please don’t go

The black hole is opened

Welcome to the black hole

I tried to save you from falling

But how could I do when I am already falling

One knife can do it all

When you put it right to my soul

Was it your goal

To set me back to my hole

Or leave me crying by the wall

Is it all

Or will you do something that cool

I guess I was a fool

I should’ve understand that you won’t be mine

I should’ve know you’re walking out of the line

No I will never forget

No I will never live like I would

Cause there is something has gone

And something has not done

I travel daily to the place where you are

I walk maybe because I wanna feel what you are

I need to stop talking and save some to my heart

Maybe tomorrow I would stay alive and write something NEW.

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