Friday, April 15, 2011

Gave her rose

I gave her rose, that was because, she was, such a beautiful princess. Young and blessed. I could hardly confess why would I insist, to do such a mess.
started by following her steps, thinking what would I miss, well, I just can not guess.
She is fine, truly fine, I dreamt her smile would be mine. I wish I could rewind, to let her out of my mind .
But I guess it's time, yeh it is time. I started to walk through, I wished she could knew, that my feeling is true. I was feeling all blue, since she flew and go.
I stopped her by chance, asked her once, threw words in a glance. I gave her promise, but bad hard promise, I promised to leave, and let go, and the price to pay was giving her rose. She was surprised , by the look in her eyes, I was afraid she cries.
Yes it happened , she took the rose and this is how it goes, but for me it was hard, to stand by a promise. I started to turn my back and leave, leave it all behind. That was because of a ROSE

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Flight in a paper

Maybe I am near. But it seems like fear, oh dear. You are not that clear. You are saying you are forever. But I say never, you also say "never say never, whenever"
I break no promises but break rules, cause rules are for breaking. Rules are for fools , I just feel like going far but as soon as I am going. I wish you are there with me, for me, will you do it for me.
I am playing music but a quiet silent music, you could never hear. But you will always feel. For real .
Feeling is too hard to resist , you can not get it right, but you wanna tell it right. No need to fight, cause soon you will be in a flight with a paper airplane.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paper Airplane

Oh How Much I Loved The Song, It Kills Me Every Time I Hear Songs From You, Alison Krauss & Union Station


انسان بارد جبان. ضعيف ملكش أمان
ازاي تنسى اللى كان. ده عمر طويل زمان
كلامك مستخف وشكلك مستخف
صوتك ملوش ودان
مكونتش عايز أشوفك ولا حتي اسمع صوتك
يابرودك يافضولك. انك ورايا تلف

بيقولوا عليك غلبان. لكن أصلك حيوان. عمره ماعاش ولا كان
وعقلك اصله هف

بوظت عليا يومي. يارب يبتليك مصيبة كبيرة

لو كان الدم دمي. كنت عرفت أني
أطهر من ابوك

لكن الاصل غلاب. واصلك من الكلاب
متزعلوش ياكلاب. مش قصدي الإهانة

يمكن أنا غلط. وحبيبك يبلعلك الزلط
لكن كلكم أوساخ.

ابلعلكم إيه ولا إيه. حياتي راحت عليكم وعليه

كفايه عليكو كده. ضاع فيكو الكلام المحترم.