Friday, April 15, 2011

Gave her rose

I gave her rose, that was because, she was, such a beautiful princess. Young and blessed. I could hardly confess why would I insist, to do such a mess.
started by following her steps, thinking what would I miss, well, I just can not guess.
She is fine, truly fine, I dreamt her smile would be mine. I wish I could rewind, to let her out of my mind .
But I guess it's time, yeh it is time. I started to walk through, I wished she could knew, that my feeling is true. I was feeling all blue, since she flew and go.
I stopped her by chance, asked her once, threw words in a glance. I gave her promise, but bad hard promise, I promised to leave, and let go, and the price to pay was giving her rose. She was surprised , by the look in her eyes, I was afraid she cries.
Yes it happened , she took the rose and this is how it goes, but for me it was hard, to stand by a promise. I started to turn my back and leave, leave it all behind. That was because of a ROSE

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