Monday, December 6, 2010

The juice is worth the squeeze

It is not my my first note cause deep I got loads,
I lost my notes inside that face, if you added book then you could replace.
My old facebook got my notes blocked, and I have knocked
I don’t have a backup or even a RECORD, and I don’t want my past or even a present
I need one day that called tomorrow with shining bright and no more sorrow.

Such a dreamer I was on a Saturday she goes, she was so fly. I was so helpless, yes I

I guess I was very late, I had another plan if she were mine,
I could change a mind, but she had to change hers.
I took a step don’t want to lose very easy.
Finally I left as I began, she left me with a big stand. I saw her reflection: I know now who am I
My head was high up to the sky. Cause if there was a loser, she would be not i
Then and after we would meet....
I left a girl. They call her “hot”
When they said that, I’d rather not.
I don’t want that hot, no am not
I want someone that not exist .
Unless you say yes n be my list.

Hassan Em

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