Monday, December 6, 2010

do you know how much i LOVED her?


by Hassan Em on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 6:30pm

i loved her
so i wrote about her how much i loved her
she deceived me
but my feeling remained the same when i loved her
i left her
she followed me
i rejected her
she yelled at me
i still feel that feeling
when i loved her
i dont want her
she is not mine
she is not as i wished her to be
i saw her
like i saw her
i slept, woke up
found her
but not the same as i saw her
she differed
i wished she disappeared
she changed
i wished she would swapped
i dont love her
no i dont
i love her
i love her
but she is not her
so where is the one i love
i hated her
but not the one i love
i cry, she cries
i tear, she tears
maybe she cries, i cry
she would tear, i would not hear
i hated my body she because of her
i left my head at hers
i put my eyes at her way
she is not the one
i loved
i married her
i became a father for her children
all of that were only for her
all of that were just for her eyes
i took back what i saw
i saw what i took back
i realized that day
she is
and her life
and everything i dreamt for her
are missing confedence
are missing truth and knowledge
i wanna left her in her own business
so she gets what she gave
i am not good for her
and she was not in her crwon
my princess will always be my princess
the one i always...

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