Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life after death

It is like living after death, I am feeling high away from earth, boring for real , and everything seems to be fake, I really started to go insane.

Waiting has become such a bad habit.

People lives with no ears, and not even an eye.
They hardly see you or hear you .

That's really disgusting. Life has become less colors , maybe colorless. Most of things seems to be dark , maybe blue.

Everyone is living with one hand, he can not afford a helping hand. We became single creatures. No such families. Sisters and brothers is such a nonsense. Oh fuck, I am calling, but what the hell ! No replies, they are talking a different languages.

Like going out from a time capsule, people are differnt from how they should be. People acting the wrong way, not like as they could be.

Like sinking in an endless ocean,, somewhere where you can not survive.

Like a song with no lyrics, a symphony with no music. It is a big noise, something you can not stop from playing and you can not quit hearing.

Like a long road with no signs. Everybody is walking and riding but no place to go.

It is like sleeping forever. It is like eating whenever, it is like a nightmare while you never sleep, it is like a summer cold, a winter boredom. It is like a rose that's never grown. Like a mum has lost her child. Like a son with no dad, it is like a rain of tears.

It is really hurt, but with no bleeding. It is stupidness. It is the wreckage.

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