Saturday, January 1, 2011


Another year has gone by Papa I miss you so much I still see your face sometimes, you are still here. I can hear your voice as we talked, maybe we weren't perfect as father and son should be, everytime I feel you, I wanna write something about you, I run to my words but I can't find ideas of what I should do, all I know that I love you even we were facing a hard time. But it couldn't change how I feel for a dad. He was everything that matters to me. I miss that face even I used to not see for a long time before he's gone. But at least I used to know that's he's there and I can see whenever I'm in need. I was feeling the support. I wanted to make a change for my life just to make him happy, he wanted that too. Should I cry in such a moment? Should my tears fall down? But how the hell I could help it, when it's something belongs to my heart, my soul, my life, my future, my past, memories and everything that's worth in life. I'm sorry I didn't say I love you thousands of times and I was stupid to do so. But what is the point now? He is GONE. Forever, I can't even hold that warm hand, I'm sure no one could feel this. You never know how awful losing means, when it belongs to someone like a dad, maybe be gave me nothing, but he gave me the feelings that's making me cry to remember just his name. Everyone loves his dad. But for me I can say it clearly and proud I LOVE YOU DAD. I love you, I love you and I won't stop saying even it aches and making me cry more and more, even when my tears can't stop it, I love you, I wish you were here to see me crying for you, to see my pillow that's wet of my tears, to touch the heart that's aching, I love you and this time my words are real, I'm saying them for nothing but feelings. Now I'm sure they are real, I love you, I'd rather sleep beside you forever. Life has no meaning without people we need. I love you and if it gets you back I would say it till I lose my voice or die trying, I love you and I wish you could hear it, you would feel better, because I really LOVE YOU.

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