Thursday, January 20, 2011

No one

No one

I don't know why I feel so wrongly. I still walk at the streets alone searching for the thing is missing. I guess it isn't exist at all. Still feel empty still feel that cold inside. Why would everything seem so blue. I know it's only me and it's inside of me. Why is it hard to people to get me out of this. While it's not that hard. But guess what. Where are the people they should be around. They say I choose mine but is it a sin to choose and wish more. I am choosing wrongly and everybody knows but they are speechless. I'm losing life and breathing while everyone is watching. Who cares. Everybody dares. I left thirty years behind of nothing. Everything has gone and everything has ruined and everything I had lost. Does it sound sad? Don't think so. Who cares. I'm going down just like I don't care and I'm weeping inside. My pillow never gets dry. I see people everywhere. They have things to stand for. What am I standing for then. I put my hands on my faults and put eyes on what I want. But I'm helpless hopeless. Not for the power but for the people. I'm just living as it goes. Who cares while my people don't. Will they? Guess no. I wanna do what's wrong. Cause being right wasn't right. Being true wasn't fine. Being straight wasn't great. I know I'm wrong to go wrong. And I can't even stand for. But who cares? No one. Don't even wait for an answer. Believe it or not. I get my tears on cheeks sometimes when I'm walking back home on the streets putting iPod on listening to Westlife song. It touches and I feel it and aches. But who cares. No one. Did I said I don't need an answer. Cause it's already in the question. I complain whenever I meet someone new. Why do I? I lost the ears that listen to me. But he doesn't even care. I wanna cry in someone's arms. But there is no one. Lost my dad. And my mum is there feels me sometimes. But she's helpless. She is thinking in other side. Do I look pity. No I don't. I saw someone in the morning. And fuck it. I always wish to see while I don't wanna see. I wanna hear the sound that charming and takes me away. Is it hard while they made it easy. Why do we make things harder. Should we go for the wrong way. But who cares. Guess what. NO ONE.

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