Sunday, June 17, 2012

On a bus.

On a bus, and you're sitting beside me. Putting your sunglasses on. Sleep, or this is what I thought behind your black glasses.

Music is on. And nothing on the road except green fields, long road, and we don't know what's after.

"more then a woman" to me, this is what my iPod was playing. And back in time with the big hit of the beeges.

Sometimes I look to myself and ask, is this where I belong. Is this where I thought I would be. And as everytime. I'm waiting for an answer while the would be a single answer.

I close myself and imagine myself somewhere else, in a place where I could be someone.

I remember dad back in the day three years ago while since you've been gone away I'm "missing you" by alisson krauss is playing, and I remember yesterday when I did the election thing.

Sometimes I feel it's my choice of things are not mine, and it is out of hands of things don't belong.

I wonder why would a friend letting you down when you just believe in him.

And all of this has happened on a bus.

Hassan Em

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